HOW we choose our word of the year

//HOW we choose our word of the year

HOW We Choose Our Word Of The Year

Introduction to us

Fiona Hall (left)– Business Mentor and Learning & Development strategist / consultant Kiffin

Irina Petricheva (right)– owner of Notes to Self stationery boutique and a passionate supporter of journaling.


Why choose a word?

The concept of choosing one word for the year emerged a few years back. Unfortunately we don’t know who the original idea belongs to. The internet is flooded by different concepts around it without the reference to the original source. But if you know, feel free to comment below!

Choosing one word for the year will suit you if you are anti-New Year resolutions and would like to improve your life.

Choosing ONE word helps us move towards our bigger goals.

Our WORD of the YEAR helps us focus our actions and intentions for the year and help us manifest desired outcomes.

The WORD of the YEAR word helps us make decisions and take up opportunities.


How we chose our words

To find our words we examined the following questions, inspired by Mountain Modern Life blog. And added some other questions, based on our previous experiences with choosing a word for the year.

  • WHAT has been missing?
  • WHAT have I learned about myself this year?
  • WHAT could I use more of in my life?
  • WHAT could I use less of ?
  • WHAT characteristics would I like to have?
  • HOW do I want to feel?

Once you have answered the questions above, brainstorm all the words that come to mind. Write a list in your notebook and then read them. Highlight THREE words that resonate with you the most.

Once you have narrowed down your list ask yourself the most important question.

AM I interested in this word or fully committed to it?

The process of defining a word for the year is not complicated. All you need is some pen and paper and some uninterrupted time on your own, so you can really listen to what your intuition tells you.

Try this it and let us know what word have you chosen. Here’s how we walked through it this year.


Fiona’s and Irina’s Words for 2019

When did you first start choosing a word for your year?

F: 2013 /2014 Prompted by an article by Natalie Sisson

I: 2016 / 2018 I saw a few posts on the internet and the concept appealed to me, so I decided to try.

How did you choose your word in previous years?

F: I looked at what was missing, what challenges I had faced / overcome? How I wanted to feel? What I wanted to experience more of

I: My words in the previous years were connected to my business objectives and my ‘why’ for Notes to Self. What do I need to do this year to deeper connect with Notes to Self ‘why’?

How have you used your word of the YEAR?

F: My word becomes a tool for decision making. I write it on my whiteboard, have it in my journal & when opportunities come my way I ask myself how will this take me closer to having what my word gives me. I share with my colleagues and clients as I find it triggers great conversations and sometimes opens doors for new opportunities.

I: In the first year, I had the word in my bullet journal and in my diary. Somewhere visible to remind myself and keep focused.

Last year I chose a word and closed the notebook. And it was hard for me to remember at the end of the year what it was – learning!

The word means nothing unless you create a framework around it so it’s put into action.

This year it all came down to the last question: are you interested or are you committed? I am committed and therefore I need to prepare for the year and see how I can weave my word through everything I do. Especially I need to think what behaviours / habits do I need to form or maintain to exercise the word.

How will you showcase your WORD?

F: Screen saver, phone screen saver, journaling prompt, whiteboard planner

I:  It’s in my diary. I need to set reminders to journal on this word throughout the year to see how things change. I love Fiona’s idea of a phone screen saver!

 What behaviours will you use to access / put in place actions related to your Word

F: When I feel uncertain or anxious I will ask myself where is trust missing?

I:  I will use my word as a filter for all my actions and choices this year. For example, is it wise to check my mobile last thing before I go to bed and first thing in the morning, given my word? Probably not. So I need to go back to a good old alarm clock and leave my iPhone to charge overnight in another room…

Share your WORD of the YEAR in the comments below…

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