MD Paper


MD Paper has a range of products featuring the legendary MD paper, an original quality writing paper they developed in the 1960s. The company always works on improving ever since for the maximum comfort of writing.
There are two pillars MD Paper builds on:

Paper quality. Original writing paper makes a unique sound when you write.
Craftsmanship quality. The ultimate standard – paring down all needless adornment to focus on maximizing the appeal of paper.

Try writing on this paper with a fountain pen, and you will find the ink does not bleed over to the other side. The paper comes in a gentle, creamy colour. Also, the series notebooks, bound in a special way, open up completely flat, for easiest use. They come in simple designs so that the quality materials speak for themselves. Ever since the series was released in 2008, the notebooks have found countless users who cherish writing, and cherish the series.

All MD Paper products are simple and made in Japan.


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