Journaling Practice According To A Numbers Girl

//Journaling Practice According To A Numbers Girl

Journaling Practice According To A Numbers Girl

I recently sat down with Donna Swart from The Profit School to have a chat about her journaling practices. I was so fascinated to hear what Donna had to say about writing as she is a numbers girl at heart. But, as you can see from Donna’s comments, you don’t have to be a natural writer to get major benefits from journaling.

As Donna points out, journaling is not only a release of thoughts and energy, but a healing practice and a sanity check. Make sure you read right through to the end as Donna has some pearls of wisdom to help you in your daily journaling.


Tell us about your biz, Donna. How do you help people? 

I help women get clear on their financials in their business, and coach them to feel empowered about everything to do with money. I do this by offering an online platform with monthly coaching, training courses – all in plain English, available 24/7, for a fraction of the cost of an accountant.

How does creative journaling fit in your life? 

I journal every blinkin day. ? Usually in the morning. Or when in the car waiting for kids. Sometimes both.

Describe your journaling routine for me please.

I’m a bit crazy so….sometimes I journal at 2am when I wake up with an idea or can’t sleep.

Do you use creative journaling as part of your personal or business routine?

Both for sure.

How are your business and personal journaling practices different?

Personal – it is usually a brain dump of any thoughts and feelings swimming around in my head. Sometimes it’s like a ‘dear diary’, but not usually – it’s mostly reframing my thoughts in a way that can serve me, rather than keep me stuck and negative.

Business – I like to mind map and get outlines for things, major new ideas, and I also do a ‘procrastination’ list most days, listing the 3 KEY things to get done that day.

How long ago did you start journaling?

I kept a diary as a teenager, but that faded by about 18 I think – then I started up again whenever I embarked on my eating disorder recovery “again”.

Who introduced you to this practice?

Myself I think – intuition, and other journaling practices from other people ie. therapists!

How has your journaling practice evolved over time?

I started writing in a ‘dear diary’ kind of way…then after teenage years it morphed into getting negative thoughts out throughout my addiction. Now I find my personal and business journaling is all bundled up together. Often I don’t even refer back to it. If I do want to, I know I have to remember the approximate date I wrote it so I can remember how to find it!

How does your journaling practice help you? 

It helps by getting all the thoughts that are bouncing around in my crazy monkey mind out onto paper. It helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The very act of writing is therapeutic and even though I was hopeless at English and never liked writing, I’ve learnt how valuable it is for my mental health, mental state, ideas and processes too. It also helps me see things objectively, and as soon as it is out on paper my brain tends to look for solutions – rather than just seeing problems.

What are your favourite creative journaling tools?

No favourites – I use whatever pen, pencil or highlighter I can find near me or in my bag! And as to the journal itself – I like big A4 sized ones with a hard cover, plain lines and not too pretty or fancy. Boring aye?! ?

Donna’s top three journaling tips

  1. It’s never too late (or too hard) to start.
  2. It’s like a free therapist – you’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself!
  3. Don’t write with the intention to re-read it. If I ever do this I find I’m already judging and being critical of what I write – it doesn’t have to make sense either!


I hope you liked what Donna shared with us and her journaling tips. I love how she breaks the stereotype of a ‘numbers girl’! As well as her passion for helping women to better manage their money, writing is one of her most effective tools that help her in her business and professional life.

Donna is an amazing lady with a fantastic business. If you want to check out more about what she does, you can visit her website at

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