On this page we would like to share with you links to some inspirational ways of journaling in Traveler’s Notebook as well as some practical ways to keep journals and diaries.

Traveler’s Notebook is a very unique product and it allows you to customize to your own needs and your own style. Please don’t get intimidated that some of the examples below look like a ‘work of art’. Keep your notebook the way it makes sense to you – some are tidy and arty, some look a bit messy, but the pages should scream of your personality and individuality! Have a look at a few suggestions below and please share with us your way – we would love to see it!  

Bullet Journal

Ryder Carroll

Bullet Journal (or lovingly Bujo) is an analogue system that was created by Ryder Carroll of Brooklyn. The ironic thing is – he is a digital product designer! In spite of dealing with technology, he recognised the need to have a flexible analogue system that can combine to-do lists, diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks and anything else, depending on your needs, wants and lifestyle. Please have a look at his video below and his website www.bulletjournal.com explaining the system. The beauty of Traveler’s Notebook is that you can use different refills to cater for your needs. When you adapt this system, you will be doing it your way and different Midori refills will certainly help you on your way.


Boho Berry

Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. She was one of the early adopters of the bullet journaling system and is a regular contributor to the blog on the Bullet Journal official website (www.bulletjournal.com). This video will give you a great overview of different parts of the bullet journal system and how it all works together.

How to set up your Travelers Journal

There are many ways to set up your Traveler’s Notebook, it depends on how are you planning to use it. Some use it with elements of Bullet Journal, some as a travel companion, some as a diary or even a sketchbook. Below are some examples for you to have a look at. I am sure this will provide you with some inspiration and you can come up with your own way of organizing your Traveler’s Notebook.

Kisha Jagger

Kisha Jagger has done a really good video showing her Traveler’s Notebook set up. It is quite detailed and she uses a few different Midori refills. This video will give you a few good ideas for your own set up.

The Daily Roe

Eunice from The Daily Roe has a very creative approach to journaling. Her handwriting is very distinctive and her journaling style is very recognisable. Please check out her Instagram account (@thedailyroe) for a dose of inspiration.



Seaweed Kisses

Michelle from Seaweed Kisses is a blogger who is very passionate about positive effects of journaling and planning on our lives. She uses Traveler’s Notebook in both sizes: the regular and the passport size. You can check out her website www.seaweedkisses.com as well as a couple of videos below to see the set up that she is using.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook – passport size set up

Midori Traveler’s Notebook – regular size set up as a daily planner