Creative Journaling with Angela Murray

//Creative Journaling with Angela Murray

My guest today is Angela Murray, a creative life coach who uses creativity as a way of helping empower people to make the changes in their lives that they want. I met Angela last year when I took her Dream BIG! Paint BIG! 8-week experience. I’d never held a paint brush in my hand before, except for the rare exception of a home DIY projects and I was convinced I could not paint and that I was not creative. Angela proved me wrong… In 8 weeks I had created a large acrylic painting which my partner and daughter convinced me to display on the wall of our dining room. I had no idea I could create anything like it.

I’ve always wanted to chat to Angela about the creative journaling process she uses. She calls it Creative Reflections. I hope you enjoy it. Go to if you would like to learn more about Angela Murray and her creative approach to coaching.

Creative Journaling - Angela Murray

Tell us about your biz, Angela. How do you help people? 

I am a Creative Life Coach and I use creativity as a way of empowering people to have the best life possible.

We mostly live in our logical brain, which has trained us to stay safe and play small. So my process gets you exercising the creative side of your brain because that’s where all of your possibilities lie.

One of my theories is if you are telling yourself you are not creative, and I can prove to you in one session that’s not true then what else are you stopping yourself from doing? I also believe that change does not need to be hard it can be fun and my group or 1-1 sessions are certainly that!

I combined the creativity with the life coaching because I knew each of them is very powerful but together they are truly life changing and ….. fun!

How does creative journaling fit in your life? 

I try to journal each morning, but sometimes life gets in the way and so I then binge journal.

Describe your journaling routine for me please.

I tend to journal Monday to Friday first thing after breakfast. I pull a card from one of the 20 oracle decks I have (not because I am looking for an answer, but more that I am looking for inspiration for the day).

Creative Journaling 3

I then take my journal (blank pages no lines) and I begin to create patterns or images using markers. It is so magical because they bleed through the paper and create a second, but not identical, design on the next page.

I then use these backgrounds as a basis to journal over with a pen – I muse on one side thinking about my inspiration and then on the other side I journal again but coming from a slightly different perspective. I call my journaling process ‘Creative Reflections’.

I then have a second lined journal where I spend time writing about gratitude, what I want to manifest. Then finally if I am journaling for my business I also write stream of consciousness pages which end up as blog posts.

Do you use creative journaling as part of your personal or business routine?


How are your business and personal journaling practices different?

The only difference is the stream of consciousness journaling as it is mainly focussed on my customers. However, it could be focussed on something in my life – so it works for both really.

I also use my creative journaling process with my 1-1 clients as a way for them to gain clarity, and they have suggested I should show others. One day I may get that organised.

How long ago did you start journaling?

It took me a long time to come to journaling – being a creative I dislike routine and ‘having to’ journal meant that I would avoid it at times. I added in the Creative Reflections style of journaling about 8 months ago and so now I journal on a much more regular basis as I find it meditative – and colourful!

Who introduced you to this practice?Creative Journaling 2

I was first introduced to journaling from reading Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way – where she prescribed stream of consciousness writing each morning – she called them Morning Pages. The rest I have just adapted to suit my creative side.

How has your journaling practice evolved over time?

I’ve moved from sporadic diary entries, like what I did the other day, to stream of consciousness writing, which is about the future. To now I have my full Creative Reflections process.

How does your journaling practice help you?

I find the creative side helps to calm my monkey mind and I can detach from any drama going on and just play with colour. The overall process helps with clarity around life and business and when I read back what I have written I am often stunned at the depth of what comes through.

What are your favourite creative journaling tools?

Soft backed journals with plain paper – I don’t like lines or boxes, they feel too restrictive. Alcohol markers (so they bleed through) and my favourite Lamy fountain pens and coloured inks.

Angela’s top three creative journaling tips

  1. Allow yourself to doodle before you start to write your thoughts. Doodling helps you get into your creative brain and out of your to do list brain – so if you doodle you get amazing thoughts, inspiration and ideas come through.
  2. Don’t feel guilty for not journaling every day. I binge journal at times and truly believe if I have nothing to write I have nothing to say – so I wait until the mood strikes.
  3. Add some colour and life to your journal pages. I feel more inspired when I am using coloured pens or watercolour pencils. It feels like fun and less like writing a school essay.

Creative Journaling Supplies


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Lamy Lx Fountain Pen

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