About Notes to Self

“A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to “become”. 
It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover,
expand, remember, and dream.”

Brad Wilcox


About Us

In this hi tech age there is something in going back to the analogue way: using a beautiful notebook and a fountain pen to record your dreams and plans, or sketching with a pencil. It’s a way of becoming more mindful, more present, giving yourself a gift of discovering who you really are without any judgement.

I am Irina Petricheva and I am a founder of Notes to Self and that’s what writing did for me back in 2015. At that time I wasn’t particularly happy in my job and, in general, my career choices. I wanted to connect with my deeper self and really get to know Me. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery with the help of my coach. This may sound odd, but taking time to get to know Me always seemed such a luxury when I had a family to look after and a full time job to support the ones I loved. However, it seemed that I was ready to do the work.

One of the tools I started using more and more was pen and paper. Writing down my thoughts, memories and reflections, recording things I was grateful for. I could dream and plan on paper. However, I used quite a few different notebooks and it was hard to keep everything in on place. I came across Traveler’s Notebook, after my girlfriend mentioned the bullet journaling system to me, and it clicked! I loved that you could customize it to suit your needs, I loved that it becomes a very personal item to every single person who starts using it. And that’s how Notes to Self was born.

I collate beautiful stationery from around the world for you to plan, dream, sketch, explore your creativity and express yourself on the page. My collection includes notebooks, journals, planners, diaries, writing instruments and accessories for your writing pleasure. One of the things I am very passionate about is the quality of products and my service. I want you to have the very best and I would like you to feel special when you receive your order in the mail from me. That’s why your order will always arrive beautifully wrapped. Just for you…

I believe we all have stories to tell. My story begins with my childhood in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in the heart of Siberia, Russia. Siberia has a rich heritage, and was part of Genghis Khan’s empire and a meeting point for traders. I came to New Zealand in 2001 and I am proud to call it home ever since. I love this beautiful country: nature, people, food and produce, the sea, slower pace of life and my journey through motherhood.

And of course we all have stories yet to come: my hopes and dreams for my daugher, our future here in New Zealand and the future of Notes to Self. I am not sure where my journey will take me, but I know that I will always have a notebook and a fountain pen to accompany me!

I hope you will join me and discover the pleasure of putting pen to paper every day or when you travel, so you can find the freedom that comes with expressing yourself without any judgement. 


Happy journaling!


Irina Petricheva

Owner – Notes to Self