10 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pocket Notebook

//10 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pocket Notebook

10 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pocket Notebook

The name of the pocket notebook says it all. It is something you simply slip into your pocket (or purse) and take with you everywhere you go. For that reason, it has heaps of practical uses that allow you to document on the go.

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The convenient size makes it easy to carry around, and the large range of available styles means you can pick the perfect one to complement your personality and what you intend to use it for.

Let’s look at 10 great ways you can get the most out of your pocket notebook.

What Is A Pocket Notebook?

Quite simply, a pocket notebook is a notebook that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The standard pocket notebook usually measures around A6 size which is between 90mm-105mm and 140mm-150mm. Because they are designed to go in your pocket, the cover is normally durable, but flexible.

They come in a range of different cover designs, and the inner pages can be blank, lined, dotted, or gridded. They all work the same, it is simply down to your preference.

These are our favourite brands here at Notes to Self:

Field Notes – a vintage American style reminiscent of notebooks gifted to farmers from agricultural companies in the 20th century. Check out our range here.

MD Notebooks – a design-your-own notebook option where you get to pick the style and material of your cover (purchased separately) in either thick Córdoba paper, vinyl, or leather. Check out the notebook here, thick Córdoba paper here, vinyl cover here and the luxurious goat leather here

Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size – choose a leather folder in the colour of your choice and fill it with refills to reflect your needs and life style. Check out our range here.


10 Effective Ways To Use Your Pocket Notebook

1: Shopping lists

Instead of scribbling your shopping list on the back of an old envelope and then promptly losing that when you arrive at the supermarket, jot down the groceries you need as you think of them in your pocket notebook dedicated to shopping lists. If you write them all in one place, you can also track the foods you are buying and improve your shopping habits by buying common things in bulk.

2: Ideas On The Run

You know those ideas you have when you are out and about? The life changing ones that will overhaul your habits, push your business forward, or push you towards achieving your goals. Those ideas also tend to be the ones you forget if you don’t write them down somewhere handy like a notebook.

3: Workout LogPocket notebook - 4

Did you do legs on Monday, or arms, or maybe it was cardio? Don’t wrack your brains to remember, just jot your workouts down in your pocket notebook instead. That way you can mix things up when you need to, and also see how your fitness is improving over time.

4: Eating Plan

Trying to improve your eating habits? Then why not keep a food log, or plan your meals in your trusty pocket notebook? Keep yourself on track for your plan and also maintain a record of your eating habits.

5: Night Messages

Are you like me and have the best ideas at 3am? Then I lie there awake, unable to go back to sleep. I would lie there pondering those ideas all night long unless I get them out of my head and onto paper. Which is why I keep my MD notebook next to my bed.

6: Sketch Journal

Like to keep a visual diary of your surroundings? Then a pocket notebook is the perfectly place to store your sketches. Never be stuck without a place to draw again.

7: Home Improvement Log

There are always jobs to be done around the house. Often you can forget about the little things if you don’t write them down. By keeping a home improvement log in your notebook, you can add jobs to the list and cross off the ones that you have completed. Nothing gets forgotten then!

8: Inspiration From Others

Have you ever left a conversation feeling completely inspired? Or had the same feeling after listening to a radio interview or podcast? Even if you noticed something interesting on a billboard, in a shop window, or in the local park. Those ideas can be forgotten as easily as they are generated! Write them down in your handy notebook to stop from forgetting.Pocket notebook - 2

9: Glove Box Notebook

How many times have you scrambled around for something to write on in the car? With a pocket notebook stashed in the glove box, you won’t be scrambling any more!

10: Reading Companion

When I am reading, I love to write down my favourite quotes so that I can look back on them. I also like to jot down certain words or terms that interest me, or that I don’t quite understand, so that I can research them later. Then there is my ever growing list of books I want to read that I need to keep track of! I write it all down in my pocket notebook.


How do you use your pocket notebook? These are just 10 of the ways that I have come up with, there are certainly many other ways that they can be used. That is the beauty of a handy pocket sized notebook.

Use them your way, or in any of the ways listed above. There are no limits or restrictions!

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